Astrology by Paul Saunders

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Aries - Monday 22nd January 2018

The road ahead
Full speed ahead - Moon in Aries

The Moon starts of it's journey today in the final degrees of Pisces and before it ends this particular cycle and begins a new one around the wheel, it has one last aspect to make and that is a trine to Mars in Scorpio. This is watery energy and yet with Mars involved there is force and speed. This is like the rapids of the river, swirling, churning with dangerous rocks underneath the surface that we cannot see. This trine brings much emotion to succeed and we will do in our power to be pre-eminent while trying to avoid the pitfalls in our way.

The Moon then moves forward crossing into the sign that Mars rules, Aries. The Moon in Aries sees a straighter path now, a wide road stretching in front of us and now we can put our feet on the gas. We will feel good now, energetic and alive and and the sextile to the Sun that we encounter sees our emotions and energies going in the same direction. There is a need to power ahead, and prioritise our needs ahead of others.

Now in the distance looming ahead there is a road block that we will have to deal with and this is in the form of a square to the Moon by Saturn. There will be disappointment in the air now as we are ushered to slow down or maybe forced to stop completely. We may be criticised for going too fast or for breaking the rules of the road. This square is never easy to deal with and it brings a hit to our confidence, as we doubt ourselves for a short while. This is followed by an easier sextile from the Moon to Venus which is sympathetic and considerate. We can continue on our way now after making our excuses and using diplomacy and charm to cool any situation down.

The planet Mercury makes a conjunction to the star Rukbat in the constellation of Sagittarius today, a star of stability and holding firm after the rather dubious energy of Mercury conjunct Vega yesterday. We will be more structured in the way we plan and think, and this is a great connection for striking solid business deals, with the proviso that we may get rather set in our ways and not be innovative enough. In the world around us there may be news on big corporations, large finances and important and settled agreements can be made, and this may signal that an deal can be reached in the US to get Government going again.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Astrology of the Day – Mercury conjunct Vega - Sunday 21st January 2018

Fake News
Mercury conjunct Vega - Spinning a yarn

The Moon stays in the spiritual sign of Pisces on this Sunday starting off still in a conjunction to Neptune, so this is a very dreamy start to the day. We will float through the first few hours taking the least line of resistance wherever we go. We will sacrifice ourselves to the flow of the stream and thus to the circumstances that we encounter along our journey. We are open to being taken for a ride, and this theme is one that defines the day.

The Moon will eventually make a sextile to Pluto and there is an opportunity to make permanent changes to matters that have been troubling us. This connection has an ability to extract details from deep beneath the surface so that we can deal with them in a more open and public manner, and maybe it will also allow us to be more cool and calculating than is normally the case? The Moon in Pisces is open to go in whichever direction is needed to get around and becalm the powerful and controlling Pluto in Capricorn, but also susceptible to the Lord of the Underworld’s manipulation too.

There is an optimism that takes over the middle of the day with the Moon soon forming a trine to Jupiter in Scorpio. Again there is the ability to delve deep and experience the full complement of positive emotions, from joy to excitement. This is a happy go lucky trine, and in combination with Pluto, humour and innuendo may play a part in breaking down any barriers that exist. The Moon moves on to meet up with Chiron towards the end of the day and our healing for this cycle may be complete. The Moon with Chiron concentrates the Piscean energy into a “emotional sacrifice to heal and fix whatever is wrong” and the best way of using this energy is to let go of anything that causes us problems in order to forgive and forget. That isn't easy and in a way this conjunction in the sign of Pisces represents the Christian message more than any other.

In the afternoon we start to pick up on a star planet connection, as Mercury makes a conjunction to the fixed star Vega. As I said a couple of weeks ago, Vega is the brilliant and beautiful star in the constellation of Lyra, the Lyre. It is a creative star linked to music, poetry and all kinds of arts, and through our language, communication and the way our minds are working, we can find clever ways of expressing ourselves. We can be silver tongued and quite seductive to get our way on things and get people to divulge their innermost thoughts or give away information that they never intended to reveal. Propaganda abounds today, so be very careful what you understand to be true...

Friday, 19 January 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Pisces - Saturday 20th January 2018

Moon in Pisces

The Moon is in the sensitive, imaginative sign of Pisces today and the feeling of this day will be totally different to the that of the preceding ones. With the Moon in Pisces our ability to sense what is going on is increased many times, and we are much more likely to know what is going on without being told. Pisces is also a sign of sacrifice and our emotions will be now attuned to giving up our time or resources for anyone that we feel requires our help or assistance.

There is a steadily growing dreamy and unconventional vibe that is developing on this Saturday as the Moon forms a sextile to Neptune while at the same time the Sun moves into Aquarius. The Moon connection is artistic, intuitive and allows us to fantasise about the most incredible things and while the Sun in Aquarius has a love of freedom and brings us an intellectual and progressive attitude. This combination is quite powerful and it wants us to move forward by using our creative abilities and imaginations.

The Moon then makes a sextile to stable Saturn and we can bring a little structure to the ideas that we are having. This is a very calm aspect and with the rather haphazard and elusive energy that the Moon in Pisces brings this connection allows us to stabilise our emotions and not slip off into dreamland.

The evening is a different story altogether though. Late on Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune as the Moon conjuncts with Neptune making the same aspect back to Mercury. This double sextile and conjunction aspect is very imaginative, chatty but also potentially deceptive too. We can have amazing, beautiful insights now but also we can use the energy to convince others to believe us and our visions as well. We can escape into our own little world tonight, maybe one of peace and serenity but it could also be one of chaos and worry, if the situation we find ourselves is difficult. Please try and use this energy in a positive manner, and if you can, the ideas, thoughts and visions we experience may have a profound affect on our futures...

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Astrology of the Day – Venus conjunct Altair - Friday 19th January 2018

Top gun
Top Gun - Venus conjunct Altair

The Moon is still passing through the sign of Aquarius for majority of the day, and we are much more logical and not so emotional as this sign is prevalent. We will want either to innovate or act in a different manner from what others want us to do, and this could see us being stubborn in the extreme, unless those around us can prove beyond doubt that their approach is better than our own one.

The Moon forms a square to Jupiter the moment we enter Friday, and there is a need for more, more of whatever you desire. It might be a late night snack or drink, one last TV programme to watch or you need to carry out one more task before you retire to bed. We wake with the Moon making a sextile to Uranus, and the need to innovate and update our lives continues. This is a connection that likes to get others to take notice of us, and we may act in a weird or unusual manner to catch their attention. Either through shock tactics or by making them laugh, we will want to make an impression. There is also a need to connect with others and to spread our ideas, our technical knowledge and political beliefs too.

Next for us to experience is a square to Mars. These can be quite tricky, especially as this is a fixed square and someone may rile us because they refuse to come around to our way of thinking or they don't want to carry out something that we need. This is one of those “put the stick in the hornet's nest” aspects that can infuriate, and because of the Moon being in Aquarius, we may react in a very obtuse manner. All the same this is a dynamic aspect too that makes us want to live in the fast lane. From then on the Moon moves onwards void of course, until it enters Pisces just before the day ends.

There is one last connection today as Venus makes contact with the main star in the constellation of Aquila the eagle, Altair. This is a dashing, brave, bold influence and one of speed and adventure, the fighter pilot's star, and perfect for the planetary energy today. In financial terms we will be in a mood to spend big in going after what we want. In love and relationships, this connection sees us going out there and making the first move. There is no holding back, no being timid or lacking confidence. There is a confident kind of vibe today where we can follow our heart's desire, and you never know, if you try your luck then you might get the girl or guy of your dreams...